I have to confess that I'm not much of a cake baker - too many details, too many times baking wonky shaped cakes, and way too many boring cake recipes. Not with this book! Seasonal Cakes is not only full of gorgeous recipes, but right off the bat Mirlandra teaches you how to bake a flat cake every time. How did she know I needed that?! I'm about to become the awesome cake baking mom!

Tessa Z
Bake delicious cakes all year long!

Stop endlessly scrolling Pinterest for untested recipes.

High Quality Recipes

Get clear, easy to follow recipes you KNOW will work! 

Learn How to Bake A Cake Right

Use the simple tutorial to get every cake to rise perfectly flat with a moist crumb and no crunchy crust!  You will never have to level a cake again!

Bake Through The Year

Enjoy having the perfect cake recipe for every occasion of the year at your fingertips! (Yes you WILL be the star of every table you show up at.)

Never wonder what cake to bake again!

I love this collection of beautiful and delicious cakes! This has inspired me to bake for my family with lots of great ideas that are perfect for each season

Elizabeth P.
Mom of Four

12 Sensational cake recipes

Beautiful color photos

A ground-braking tutorial for baking a wonderful flat cake every time

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